1. Guide For Trouble Removal




The analyzer can't work

 Power Failure

Check the power wire

 Poor Contact

Reconnect the power wire

 Forget to press ON/OFF

Turn on the power

 Power Adapter is broken

Contact KOFA CS Center

The testing result is unavailable after the test

 The computer is overloaded

Wait until it is shown

 The computer is abnormal

Turn off and restart

The test channel can not come out automatically

 The analyzer is broken (noisy)

Contact KOFA CS Center

 Abnormal software

Turn off and restart

Abnormal prompts

 Elatrostatic Influence

Release the electrostatic


 The elecrtric system is  broken

Contact KOFA CS Center

Some noise from the test channel

 Normal phenomenon

Nothing wrong with the analyzer

Prompts: Please insert the ID chip

 NO ID chip

Inset the ID chip




Something wrong with the optical system


Something wrong with the drive system


Something wrong with the electric system

 The analyzer is broken

Contact KOFA CS Center

Prompts: Please insert the correct reagent strip


 The analyzer can't scan the barcode


or the barcode is wrong

Reinsert or change another reagent strip

The analyzer can't read the file when inserting U drive

 The previous U drive isn't removed successfully


Please make sure the following prompts is shown


when removing the U drive:

The U drive is remove successfully.

  • 2. Storage and dispose

  • Please store the analyzer in the indorrs enviroment with the temperature of -20-50℃, the relative humidity of 10%-80% aznd the altitude of 0-2000m.

    Please dispose the analyzer according to the local regulations about medical diagnostic equipments.

  • 3. Service and Repair

  • Please clean the analyzer with dry cloth as routine cleaning.

    Any service or repair, please call KOFA Biotech at 800-830-3067, Guangzhou KOFA Biotechnology Co.,Ltd will ensure the user legitimate rights according to the relative laws and regulations.


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